At Hayground Camp, children and their mentors do things they love and discover new passions in a safe, structured environment. We believe kids need time, care, and mentoring as they stretch in the physical world and in their physical selves. 
Every day, our campers engage with the natural world, get their hands in the dirt and sand and water, make things grow, and build things of which they can be proud--gardens, cities of sand and wood, tables, go-carts, and lasting friendships. 

Because campers are engaged every minute and feel a sense of mutual responsibility, we rarely face the challenge of discipline at our camp. And that may be the key: mutual responsibility and joy in one's own discoveries and those of one's friends. 

Perhaps that is why most of our campers return year after year, and why so many campers come back as counselors; they want to know how the younger ones are doing, and they want to help shape what was a formative experience in their own lives. In this way, Hayground campers become part of a lasting community, one that reaches far beyond a single summer.