Ages 3 & 4

Belugas (age 3) and Sea Robins (age 4)

Hayground Camp's program for three and four year-old campers balances active play with quiet activity.  Separated into two single-age groups, our youngest campers engage in non-competitive and cooperation-building activities such as sandbox, block building and playground time, field games, and imaginative play.  Other activities include puppet shows, gardening, cooking, story time, gymnastics, music and movement, water play and swimming, and modified, developmentally-appropriate programs in sports, art, and woodshop (ie, "The Joy of Hammering").  

Each of these age groups have a high counselor-to-camper ratio, with approximately one counselor for every 3 children. Our head counselors are experienced early childhood teachers, and are assisted by a full staff of seasoned counselors.  

The schedule for 3's and 4's comprises 30 to 45-minute time blocks, with opportunity for extended play, and is carefully designed for minimal travel and smooth transitions.