Riding a bike is one of the most powerful and transferable skills that a child can develop. Feeling safe and proficient on two wheels provides kids with an unparalleled sense of freedom, independence, and self-efficacy.

Hayground School & Camp's bike riding program is a tiered experience with a natural progression: non-riders receive lessons, beginning riders use our fields to improve their skills, and then experienced riders test their skills on our dirt pump track or new race track. Under the guidance of Jeff Mayer, Hayground's resident bike riding specialist and former BMX Pro, the pump and race tracks are maintained by riders and non-riders alike during the first part of the summer as part of Hayground's Build to Ride program.

Blocks, Trucks + Art is a children's enrichment program founded by Learning Specialist Angela De Vincenzo and former BMX Pro Jeff Mayer housed inside and around a classic 18-wheeler at Hayground. The program's curriculum entails:

  • Block building
  • Bike riding
  • Academic support/enrichment 

Due to the popularity of this program, Blocks, Trucks + Art also provides opportunities for private lessons at an additional fee for kids who would like more time and experience beyond the camp day. Please contact Jeff at 646.258.3762 for more information or to schedule a private lesson.