The Belugas (3) and Sea Robins (4) are our two youngest groups. They are curious about everything, and we use that curiosity as the driving force of our Mini Guy programming. Unlike every other schedule in camp, the Mini Guys' schedule works in 25 minute blocks. Belugas and Sea Robins spend the first part of the day building in the gigantic front sandbox with hoses and shovels, playing with trucks and blocks and playdough in the classroom and becoming comfortable with their counselors, their peers and their surroundings. Gathering Time follows... this is a time for coming together, learning about one another and setting the stage for the day.



The Belugas and Sea Robins explore our campus. They go swimming in the pool, they visit the garden and the chickens and learn about bugs and seeds. They go to gymnastics and play physical games to learn about the way their bodies work. They make art, build with blocks and experiment with science and cooking projects to push their tactile understanding. As they visit different environments of their campus, they see big kids digging into the activities and begin to gain a sense of direction. They learn to socialize, to share, to help, to care about one another. Every morning ends with a coming together for lunch and storytime.



These first two years at camp are the building blocks for the future of Hayground's culture, one of inclusivity, collaboration and giving. The staff members that make up our Beluga and Sea Robin teams are our most nurturing counselors. With a 2:1 ratio of campers to counselors, we are able to provide for the individual needs of our 3 and 4 year olds, some of whom are ready to take on the world and some of whom are just starting to figure out their surroundings.

Listen to Erin O’Conner, our Mini Camp Director, talk..  copy.jpg