The Bike Riding and Swimming Empowerment Campaign

Swimming and Bike Riding are two of the most powerful and transferable skills that a person can develop. Feeling safe in the water and strong on two wheels gives children a feeling of freedom and independence that are difficult to come by. There are few things that give us this feeling of self-efficacy in life. Reading, Bike Riding and Swimming are three of the top contenders.

This summer, we begin our Empowerment Campaign with two initiatives geared towards teaching kids how to swim and how to ride a bike.

The bike riding program is a tiered experience, with those who cannot ride at all receiving lessons, those who are beginning riders using our fields to improve their skills and those who are experienced and interested in testing their skills riding on our dirt pump track. The pump track will be built by riders and non riders alike during the first part of the summer as part of our “Build to Ride” program. Imagine the magic of Tonka Town on a larger scale. The kids will build bumps, shape them, smooth them out and test them under the guidance of Jeff Mayer, our resident bike riding specialist and former BMX Pro. All campers are invited to help build the pump track. The swimming program carves out specific periods of the week for swim lessons. Our seasoned lifeguards will identify the campers who cannot swim or are beginning swimmers and invite them to attend instructional periods during which lifeguards will work with small groups of students on the basics of swimming. The goal is to help all of our campers to feel empowered and safe in the pool so that they can maximize their experience.

Due to the anticipated popularity of both of these programs, we will be providing opportunities for private lessons for an additional fee for kids who want to learn outside of the camp day or for parents who want to ensure that their kids have these experiences.