The Playscape Redesign

Learning through play is at the center of our philosophy at both Hayground Camp and Hayground School. Play is the work of children. And it should be honored as a serious forum for learning and development. Children learn how to negotiate through play. How to navigate social dynamics. How to balance their own desires with the desires of others. How to share. How to express their opinions and stand up for what they believe in. Play is more than just play.

This summer we will be forming a committee of parents, campers and counselors to imagine what a new playspace might look like. We want to encourage free play without prescribing the way in which it happens. This spring Hayground School will be working with a visiting artist to design and test a set of construction elements that children will be able to use to create semi-permanent structures. We seek to answer the question:

How do we use space and materials to design something that allows for ongoing discovery, socialization, physical challenge and fun?

At the end of the summer, our goal is to have our principles in place so that we can put together a plan and build something spectacular that we agree will be useful and exciting and further our mission of play as a forum for self development and community development.