Staffed by the Camp Aquatics Director and a team of certified Lifeguards, Hayground's 1600 square-foot outdoor pool is a safe, highly supervised place to cool off and have fun. The U-shaped pool has three sections of different depths to accommodate campers of all ages and abilities.  The large deck area also features a four-square court and shaded picnic tables for board games.  

Hayground Camp features an outdoor swimming pool with a depth range of 2 to 6 feet.  All campers, age 3-13, have swimming as a regular activity in their weekly schedule. The pool is supervised at all times by a certified Head Lifeguard/Water Safety Instructor and at least two additional certified Lifeguards. Counselors for each group provide additional supervision. Campers age 3 through 5 are restricted to the shallow end; older campers who pass the deep end test are allowed to swim in the deep end. Campers are encouraged to bring flotation devices from home.                                                                                                                                                                                                        
On Fridays, the Pool Staff host weekly "Pool Parties" with games and home-made naturally flavored sno-cones for everyone.  

All campers age 5 and up are assessed for basic swimming skills.  Campers who are not assessed as independent swimmers can enjoy supervised play in a designated two-to-three foot section of the pool.