This summer we will be offering swim lessons from 3:00-4:00 for interested Hayground campers.

For 30 minutes, your child will be a part of a swim class that is geared towards his or her swim level. For the other 30 minutes, your child will play with our spectacular Hayground counselors. Pickup is at 4:00 for all participating campers.

Swim lessons are Monday-Thursday with Friday reserved as a makeup day if needed. Registration is for a week-long series of four swim classes.

One week of swim lessons costs $250. Private classes are also available for $400 per week.

Each class will be made up of a maximum of six kids, one certified swim instructor and one lifeguard. Registration is on a first come, first serve basis.


Maureen Scanlon

Maureen Scanlon has been teaching swim lessons since 2007. She is certified as a Water Safety Instructor, is a mother of three and a grandmother of two. She currently works for Hayground Camp during the camp day. Maureen is super excited to empower kids with the lifelong skill and freedom that comes with the ability to swim.



Please read through the swim levels and think about where you believe your child is. You will decide in conjunction with Maureen.

Level 1 ~ Introduction to Water Skills

Objective: To help students feel comfortable in the water and to enjoy the water safely

Requirements : None

Skills Covered: Entering and exiting the water safely, learning to submerge mouth, nose and eyes and breath control. Blowing bubbles, front and back float with assistance. Roll front to back and back to front with assistance. “Monkey Walk”, climb out of pool using the side wall, climb back in safely. Safe jumping off side wall. Push off wall swim to instructor with assistance. Learn to wait for their turn and to ask permission before swimming or playing. Learning pool safety rules and shallow and deep areas of the pool.

(Ages 3 to 5 yrs)
Instruction given in the shallow end of the pool, mostly on and around the steps

Level 2 ~ Fundamental Aquatic Skills

Objective: to give students success with fundamental skills

Requirements : Students entering this level must demonstrate all the level 1 skills

Skills Covered: Reinforcing level 1 skills. Submerging entire head, bobbing, pushing off side wall / steps and swim to instructor first assisted then gradually unassisted. “Scoops” and “pizza arms / circle arms”. Safe jumping into the pool from the deck, turning around underwater and swimming back to the wall. Begin to swim the elementary backstroke (chicken, airplane, rocket or soldier) with assistance. Front and back float with assistance. Front glide with assistance. Introduce skills to take a breath, with assistance, by either rolling over onto their back and resting or picking their head up for a quick breath. Retrieve a submerged object with face in the water. Playing underwater without goggles.

(Ages 4 to 6 yrs)
Instruction given in the shallow end of the pool with some use of the steps

Level 1 and 2 Combo ~ Older Beginner

Objective: To help older “learn to swim” students feel comfortable in the water and to enjoy the water safely while learning the fundamental aquatic skills. To help overcome any fears that may be keeping the student from enjoying the water and learning to swim.

Requirements: 6yrs and older “beginner” student

Skills covered: Understanding and overcoming their fear, if any exists. All skills offered in the beginner levels of 1 and 2 that the child can perform to feel comfortable and safe in the water.

(Age ~ 6 yrs and older “beginner” student}
Instruction given between shallow and deep ends of the pool

Level 3 ~ Water Stamina

Objective: To build upon level 2 fundamental skills. Improve water movement, build stamina and breath control for more distance swimming.

Requirements: students entering this level must demonstrate level 2 skills

Skills Covered: Strengthen level 2 skills to have student perform skills unassisted: front and back float and glide, elementary backstroke, “pizza / circle arms”, push off wall and swim a distance while taking breaths. Swim a distance roll onto back and rest, roll over again to continue swimming. Safe jumping into the pool from the deck, turning around underwater and swimming back to the wall. Sitting or kneeling dive. Retrieving underwater objects from deeper water, tread water for 10 to 20 seconds, underwater swimming without goggles. Introduce backstroke.

(Age ~ 4 yrs and older_
Instruction given in both the middle and deep ends of the pool

Level 4 ~ Stroke Introduction (or) Pass Hayground Camp Deep Water Test

Objective: To build on Level 3 skills through additional practice and to pass the Hayground Camp deep water test.

Requirements: Students entering this level must demonstrate all level 3 skills

Skills Covered: Strengthening level 3 skills, swimming in deep water, distance swimming, roll onto back, without assistance, to rest and breathe when tired from swimming, tread water 30 seconds or longer, “pizza arms / circle arms” with frog kick (beginning breast stroke), backstroke, begin side breathing with “front crawl” / “freestyle”. Sitting and kneeling dive. Retrieve underwater object in deep water. “Reach and throw-don’t go” rescue.

(Age ~ skill level)
Instruction given in deep end of pool.